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Our photo's are on flickr.  If you are interested in checking out the different sets, they are briefly labelled to let you know where they were taken. Just send me an email and I will forward the link to you.

Here are a few of our favourites below that have not appeared in our posts!


Our Meggie seaside, in Reykjavik.

Ally relaxing and taking in the sights at Iceberg Lagoon, South Coast of Iceland.

Iceberg Lagoon, South Coast of Iceland.

A feast fit for a king! Fresh lobster in Hofn, South Coast of Iceland.
Viking Village, South Coast of Iceland.

Crater rim, Sutur Volcano, Inland Iceland
Our beautiful Ally. Paris, France.
Our beautiful Meggie.  Paris, France.
Silliness at the Eiffel Tower.  Paris, France.

Ahhh, so romantic!  Paris, France.
The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower.  Paris, France.
Fencing with baguettes in Paris, France.
The family in Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark.

One of my favourite photos so far.

Check what this trip has done for my figure!  

The Mermaid Rock in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Cheese farm in Holland.

The wooden clog factory, Holland.

We couldn't believe the number of bikes in Amsterdam, Holland.

On the bridge near the Red Light District, Amsterdam, Holland.

The flower market Amsterdam, Holland.

A little fancy business while shopping in Amsterdam.

The canals in Amsterdam.
Enjoying a Czech treat of trdlenik.

On the bridge in Prague, Czech Republic.

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic.

Another view of Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic.

John Lennon Graffiti Wall, Prague, Czech Republic.

Couples attach a lock to the bridge and throw away the
key - a symbol of their never ending love.

Dad has us getting a workout!  Prague, Czech Republic.

The mini Eiffel Tower, Prague, Czech Republic.

Meggie enjoying the view in Prague.

The marionette shop.

The Astronomical Clock, Prague, Czech Republic.

The Alps in Austria.

Another 'love' bridge, Salzburg, Austria

Touring around Salzburg with Louisa, a family friend.  Taken outside Mozart's home.

At the top of the Funicular, Salzburg, Austria.

The girls become puppeteers!

The Mitchells star in The Sound of Music, Salzburg, Austria.

Hanging out with Louisa and Mozart!

Mark piping in the Alps of Austria.

Enjoying a yummy donar in Berlin, Germany.

The East German Trabant Cars.

The East Side Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

Standing where the Berlin Wall used to divide Germany.

The gates of Dachau Concentration Camp, Germany.
It reads "Work sets you free".

Having dinner with friends in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, we met
them in Iceland at the beginning of our trip.

Hanna took us on a tour of Schaffhausen and we saw the Rhine Falls,
the largest waterfall in mainland Europe.
The Swiss Alps, Leysin, Switzerland.

The cowbells on display in Leysin, Switzerland.

An afternoon walk in the Swiss Alps.  Leysin, Switzerland.

My view from the passenger side of the car - no wonder I am sitting
on the centre console half the time! YIKES!  You can see the mountains in the distance.
What you can't see is the cliff on the other
side of the truck!

Took a tour of the Gruyere Cheese Factory, Gruyere, Switzerland.

The old walled city of Gruyere, Switzerland. 

Ally checking out the view, Gruyere, Switzerland.
Outside the Cailler Chocolate Factory, Broc, Switzerland.


  1. Thanks for keeping us all up on your tour. This is fantastic reading/viewing! Continue to enjoy!

    Andrea, Ken, & Grimsby

  2. Thanks guys! It is great to receive such comments from accomplished writers as yourselves!
    Love you - we were so happy to see you at the BBQ as well. Thanks so much for coming!

    1. I just found this function on the blog, so just saw your reply. Yes, creaking into the current century as usual... Have you decided on any of these places as a new home??? I think Lisa might just pick Italy, particularly Tuscany--what views! And, olive groves...can't go wrong there. Keep writing and shooting! We're *addicted* to this! Much love to you all, A, K, & G xoxo

  3. Mitch... I am so impressed and jealous that you and your family have done this together. It is an inspiration to me ! I will follow closely as you approach Fiji and NZ as I miss that part of the world oh so much! I wish to impart on your daughters how lucky they are to be having this experience!

    Be well,


    1. Hey Ferley, thanks for the encouragement. I am just booking our NZ and Australia tours In February and March. Not sure if any of the activities/places that you visited were family friendly, but let me know what you did. Still reminisce about our Costa Rica adventure with the UCC boys. Mitch

  4. This is Connor Shayegan. We got your letter and I liked it a lot. You must be having so much fun. Hope you have a good time. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures!!

    1. Connor, it was so nice to see your message. We are having a great time! Tomorrow we are taking a ferry over to France, I'm really looking forward to seeing France! I hope you are having a good start to Grade 3. Take care.

  5. Carolyn Goodfellow10 January 2014 at 13:31

    I have really enjoyed reading about your visits to Iceland, UK, and various stops in Europe. You obviously like company on your journeys - birthday celebrations in Spain with Mark's parents and Christmas in England with friends All the best with your adventures in South Africa. Happy 2014!


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