Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Final Count Down

With our departure date growing closer and closer, many are asking how many more days.  I, of course know that they are referring to our trip around the world departure date, but I am thinking - only 1 more day left until the weekend, only 8 more days to cram the rest of the math, language, social studies and science curriculum in, 7 more days until the Hamilton Tattoo, and then there is report cards, ahhh! How many days till they are due? 

 I like to deal with one thing at a time, finish it, and move on. OK, I am a procrastinator, but it sounds much better the way I put it first.  Although I have made great progress in this area, I am nothing like Mark.  He can quote a solar job, write report cards and book a ferry passing from Ireland to France all while relaxing in the hot tub with his ‘other wife’, Ipad.
Typical morning at the cottage, no matter the weather!
His ability to plan months and years in advance is the only reason that we are able to embark on this world travel adventure.  If it was left up to me...well let's just say that I haven't finished reading the ‘around the world travel guide’ that Mark ordered over a year ago, but it is on my to-do list! 

Today is no different! Checking out accommodation in Australia. According to my list we are not going to be there until April 2014, but why shouldn't we book now!?

For interest sake I asked the girls the same question, ‘how many more days until we leave for our trip?’  Ally responded, while flipping through a recipe book planning lunch (potatoe rosti AND it is 2:00) “I dunno”.  Meg, who on the other hand has long ago finished lunch, said “around 47 days, why?” and proceeded to check the calendar and was exactly right.  The apples don’t fall too far from the trees!

My extended family had difficulty dealing with my inability to plan too far in advance.  I can still remember the horror on my mother-in-law’s face after delivering their first grandchild.  She had asked a simple question, one that I can’t even remember now, but something little like - when would the belly button cord fall off.  I had been a model mom-to-be, taking care of myself, getting lots of rest and eating properly.  I had done what all eager new moms do and diligently read my ‘What to Expect When You Are Expecting” book... daily.  I was on target, taking one day at a time...UNTIL... Ally arrived 2 weeks early!  My response to the question was simple....I didn’t know... I hadn’t read ‘What to Expect the First Year” yet. According to my records I still had two weeks left and probably three, as all first babies are late - based on the child birth professionals that would stop me in the elevator and every street corner.  So... how was I possibly able to answer when her belly button cord would fall off?

My family has gotten used to this quality in me and rarely asks about Christmas plans until after Meg’s birthday now. Despite my procrastination, I am incredibly organized, I make lists left, right and centre and I know where everything is (in a tote labelled of course!) I just can’t start planning too far in advance. A girlfriend at work told me I could get an app to count down the days, when she couldn't believe I didn't know how many days were left.  I tried about six different ones, but none of them were quite up to my satisfaction.  So - to everyone’s dismay, no, I don’t know how many more days are left until we leave. BUT.... I do know there are a whole lot of events to get through, packing to get organized, and more things to check off on lists before that day comes.  I still have no idea exactly where we are going in Italy, what we are seeing or when we will be arriving, but I’ll get there!  In the meantime, if you want to know how many days are left before we are better to ask Mark...or Meg!

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  1. Well, I have it figured out when you are leaving because 60 days later I get some "alone" time at the Lake House (as your mother-in-law calls it!!) So that's 107 days!! Any chance you could leave early?!? Great Blog writer, Lisa!!


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