Thursday, 24 October 2013

Autumn in Denmark

The sun was shining this morning and it was the first morning all week that we had not awoke to the sound of rain.  To some, the rain might be a disappointment, but to us it meant a week of cozing in by the fire, reading books, making homemade soups and chili, and using the apples from the garden to make a piping hot, apple crisp dessert.  

Meg enjoying a book, with her feet up.
We had certainly enjoyed a quiet week after more than a month of travel and sight seeing.  We knew that a 'down' week every now and then, would be essential for us on our trip.  This was the second time we had afforded ourselves this luxury.  Travelling for an extended time is a little different than what we were used to experiencing on our holidays.  Although we didn't want to waste our time in Denmark, all of us were happy to sleep in, relax and not have a plan for the day. The girls got caught up on some school work and were able to connect on skype with their teachers and classes. 

Meg skype-ing with Mrs. Neibert and the Grade 7's

Ally's organic nature art.
 Mark continued to book accomodation and research the next few weeks of our trip. Very unlike him, he purchased a video game for iPad.  He and Ally enjoyed the challenge that 'The Room' provided, and it was neat seeing them work together on the puzzles.  Meg enjoyed time on the trampoline, and helping me in the kitchen. 

Gym class!

So much fun on the trampoline together!
And this morning... I enjoyed a morning run in the autumn sunshine. Actually, I dragged the girls out with me for part of it. Unfortunately my regular running partner is laid up. Mark is suffering some kind of injury, which his internet physician suspects is achilles tendonitis.  Any ideas on how to deal with this, other than rest and stretching would be appreciated!  The autumn colours were out and I couldn't resist taking my camera along to capture and share with you, what I had seen on my journey. 

Just a little ole country lane way.

The coastline, again so beautiful. 

The North Sea.

The farm animals running freely in the back yard.

I loved the thatched roofs.
We couldn't spend a week in Denmark without visiting Copenhagen, so we mustered up enough energy to venture into the city for a day.  We were glad we did, because again, we saw some beautiful sights and met some lovely people.  We were able to connect with my brother and his family this week on skype, and he shared his experience in Denmark, when travelling several years ago.  He remembered the kind people that went out of their way to help him in the middle of the night, during a train bombing threat.  They had allowed him to use the phone, gave him some local currency to make it through the night, and ensured he had accomodation at another hostel, when the one he had planned on staying at, was full.   He recommended we try a danish, which of course we did.  We left appreciating the people we met as well. 

I remember looking at his pictures when he returned from his trip; one in particular stuck out.  It was a row of beautifully coloured buildings along a canal. He had it blown up and framed and I'm pretty sure we captured almost the same shot.  One that I'm sure every visitor to Copenhagen captures. 
Quite a beautiful sight!
Tomorrow we will pack up and leave our cozy little cottage, as we head for Berlin.  We certainly enjoyed  Bitten and Soren's little piece of heaven in the country, and are so thankful that our exchange worked out so well. 

Thanks for checking in everyone, and we will chat again soon, a little further down the road.


  1. Loved the beautiful Danish pictures and beautiful family in them. One thing Mark may consider about his injury is that he is too old to be jumping on a trampoline!!!!!!!!!!! Love Mom and Dad

    1. Mark says he is never to old for fun! Love you all

  2. Sounds like you are continuing to have a wonderful time. Some RnR is nice as well! If it makes you feel better, it's been cold and rainy here too. I had achilles tendonitis when I was younger and my doctor recommended heel absorber type things which help to absorb some of the shock and pressure off of that part of the foot. Have no idea what they were called though. Sorry!

    1. Thanks Carrie, I tried to get him to purchase a pair of Birkenstocks with the girls and I, while we were in Berlin, Germany but we couldn't persuade him. His loss, the rest of us are enjoying comfortable footsies! I'll let him know about the heel absorbers, maybe we can pick something up in a drugstore here. Thanks for the information.


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