Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A Photo Journey

At the risk of sounding too cliché, I'll let the pictures do the talking about our visit to the Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland.  To be honest, I am feeling a little under the weather and not quite up to my chatty self.  A nasty sore throat has been with me since Berlin, and I can’t seem to shake it!  BUT…I need to get a post out for my demanding fans!  Actually, I kind of like that you subtly remind me of how long it has been since I last wrote.  It makes me feel wanted!  So without further adieu, here is a short commentary from yours truly.  I certainly cannot do justice in words to our breath taking experiences here anyway!  I hope you enjoy our photo journey.

Our wonderful host Luc, in the Czech Republic, created a walking tour of Prague.  It was amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed our day in the city, and our time spent with him.

The Astronomical Clock.  At noon the clock comes alive. Saints
can be seen dancing in the windows at the top.

Mark and I on Charles Bridge.

Another view of Charles Bridge, I can't imagine how busy it would be in the summer!

All along the bridge are brass images of Saints.  It is believed that if you touch the plate, you will be
blessed by the Saint.  It was incredible the number of people touching the plates.  You can see the affects of people's hands above.  Incredible.

The John Lennon Wall.

Attaching a lock to a bridge and throwing away the key is a sign of enduring love.  This has
become quite popular in Europe and is believed to be compromising the integrity of the bridges.

A view of Prague.

Charles Bridge at night, even more beautiful.

A marionette shop we visited.
In Austria we were treated to a tour of Salzburg by an old family friend, Louisa.  We took a ride up the funicular railway to the castle, snacked on "Mozart Balls" chocolate truffles and laughed until our sides hurt.  Thanks for the wonderful day, Louisa!

The view from our chalet in Austria, breathtaking!


More beauty!

What more can I say?

Another 'love' bridge in Salzburg, Austria.

Mozart's birth place.

The view from the bottom of the funicular, we ventured up to the castle.

The view from above.

Get your tickets for the Sound of Music starring, the world travelling Mitchells!

Mark had to pipe in Austria too!
 Switzerland was absolutely beautiful.  We started off with visiting friends we had met on a volcanoe in Iceland.  Hanna, Patrick and Nina prepared a wonderful meal for us and Hanna toured us around Shauffhausen.  

Our wonderful friends we met in Iceland, Patrick, Nina and Hanna.

Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in mainland Europe

A view of Schaffhausen.

Quite the building, check out the paintings!

We visited a cookie factory,

a cheese factory,

and a chocolate factory!  What more could we ask for?

A beautiful restaurant in Leysin, Switzerland.

This photo was taken during a walk in Leysin, Switzerland.  Chilly but oh so beautiful.

What a beautiful shot captured by Mark.

The sides of the mountains were covered in grapes, in Switzerland.

This photo was taken in Zurmatt, after a cog train up the mountain.

The Matterhorn at a distance.

This picture almost looks photo shopped, but it wasn't!

The Matterhorn, a little closer!

We left the girls perched on this rock while Mark and I continued the hike up the Matterhorn.
We made it to 2000 metres above sea level.  It was quite chilly up there!

Another one of our hikes in Leysin, just around the corner from our chalet.  It was amazing how warm it was
even though there was snow on the ground a little further up.

All of the cows in Switzerland wear these enormous bells so they can be heard when they are in the mountains.

We boarded a 'car' train to travel through the Alps to Italy, so cool!


  1. Wonderful pictures. We love to see the pictures!!!!!!!!! Love Papa and Grandma

  2. Good luck in Italy!! Keep us all updated! And make sure to read the menus when ordering pizza, because sometimes they don't have tomato sauce. - Sophia and Angela

    1. Hi Sophia and Angela, We have loved Italy so far. We have been ticking off things that you suggested in your email to me awhile back. Not sure if the the restaurant La Casalinga was yours or the Tutti's recommendation, but we made it there, have eaten way too much gelato (can you eat too much gelato?) Did the walking tour of Bologna, and had the warm custard pastries in Florence. We took the Vaporetto #2 around Venice and will head to Siena and Rome next week. Meg is making sure we hit all of the suggestions and the rest of us are not complaining one bit! Missing you. :)

  3. Lovely pictures.So familiar and dear to us .Thanks for sharing .Wishing you all the best in your continuing journey . Vince and Carole


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