Saturday, 16 November 2013

Dancing in the Garden

We started off our Italian leg of our stay in Venice, what a way to begin!  It was amazing and described by a friend as, “the perfect place to get lost in”.  We took a water bus (vaporetto) around the outside of the island, then ventured into the interior along the narrow, winding streets.  We tasted feasted on gelato and pizza and admired the architecture, masquerade shops, and beautifully coloured glass.  Although we tried to resist shopping, we picked up a few leather purses, ok maybe five.  I have been really good on this trip so far, so no judging!  The canals were a buzz of activity and we got a kick out of the striped gondoliers on their cell phones. Somehow that just didn’t seem to fit our picture of Venice.  (Heather, Katrina and Sherry Lee – they were playing Candy Crush!)  The weather was cool which made the air fresh, not smelly like many had warned us about.  It certainly was magical, romantic and everything I could have dreamed of and more.  We are going back, not tomorrow, but one day!
Wow, what a sight!

The parking lot in Venice.

Another beautiful shot.

Another one of Mark's selfies to add to the collection.

Venice at sundown was also spectacular.

Arrivederci Venice!
After exploring Venice we woke early to get packed up and hit the road for Tuscany.  When we stepped outside the front door of the estate we met Luigi, one of the residents living year round on the property.  He was enjoying his breakfast with the chickens that ran wild.  Rita and Carlos, the couple that managed the property, also came out to bid us farewell.  Luigi was able to speak fluent English and Italian, so he was able to translate for Rita and Carlos. Just before departing, Mark offered to play the bagpipes and the reaction and conversation that took place was amazing.  
The chickens in the garden.

Adding another place to the list of countries Mark has piped in.

Luigi jumped from his seat and started dancing with Rita, and they thoroughly enjoyed watching the girls perform the Highland Fling.  Although we didn’t speak Italian, it was easy to understand what Rita was trying to convey.  The musical interlude lengthened our good-byes by an hour.  Not quite long enough for Luigi, Rita and Carlos though.  They wished we could stay longer; Luigi wanted Mark to play the pipes on the canals in Venice (can you imagine that?) and Rita would have liked to plan a party for friends and family on the estate, to hear the bagpipes. They were thrilled with the music in the garden, begged us to come back, and couldn’t believe the good fortune Monday morning had brought… and either could we.
Dancing in the garden!

Beautiful Rita!

Luigi wanted to be sure to hold part of the pipes for his photo!

Outside Tenuta Zuccarello Estate near Venice, with Rita, Luigi and the family.

We promised to say only good things to Miss Alessandra the owner of Tenuta Zuccarello, about Luigi, Carlos and Rita, and that was an easy promise.  Rita was worried about us posting the photos of her dancing in the garden, but I think everyone would agree the spontaneity and joy that was captured was wonderful to see.  Luigi, Rita and Carlos are among the many people that have made our travels exceptional. We were truly blessed to have met them.  Luigi, we hope that you will translate and share this with Rita and Carlos for us.  Thank you so much for touching our lives, the memories are everlasting.  Arrivederci!

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